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Tsubi jeans regular fit denim jean TSBI4496


PRICE: £169.99


Tsubi regular fit denim jeans Tsubi mens superwash vintage denim jeans Tsubi mens regular fit denim jeans Superwash vintage finish Heavily faded on front and seat with whiskering Distressed edges and hems frayed ripped spots and scratches Small white painted logo on ticket pocket Small painted logo on leg Tsubi logo buttons button fly Made in Australia SKU-TSBI4496


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Manufacturer code MDJR1114
Colour code DARK WHISK
The story of Australian designer fashion label Tsubi began in 2001, marking the start of a youth culture that appreciated and demanded a designer street fashion label. The Tsubi fashion range became hot property amongst boutique shops throughout Australia with the tsubi distressed denim jeans with the trademark dice + + , tsubi buttons, tsubi stitching pattern, and unique tsubi brand writing becoming the latest fashion trend.

The Tsubi designer range was founded by George Gorrow (also designer of menswear for clothing brand Insight), Dan Single (currently the member ‘Dangerous Dan’ of house music artists The Gang Bang Dj’s who have released various albums such as ‘Light Sound Dance’ and ‘D is for Disco, E is for Dancing’ through Modular Records), and Gareth Moody (who has since moved on to his solo fashion label Chronicles of Never).

The success of Tsubi denim jeans brought about the labels expansion into a fully fledged fashion label. Tsubi started to explore other avenues such as Tsubi tshirts, female clothing , sunglasses and jewellery. Ksubi shoes / footwear is the next fashion item on the agenda for the Ksubi boys in 2010.

The success of Tsubi has led to the opening of four boutique Tsubi shop fronts. Three Tsubi stores are located in Australia (two in Sydney in Paddington and Bondi, and one in Armadale, Melbourne), and one Tsubi boutique is opened in Manhattan, New York. Locations and contact details of these stores is at the bottom of the page.

However, with all the success of creating a subculture fashion label with worldwide popularity, Tsubi has had it’s fair share of problems. In 2006, the Tsubi clothing label was to be no more, after American shoe label Tsubo sued them for a trademark infringement. Cutting a long story short, the case was settled out of court after Tsubo agreed to allow Tsubi to keep it’s name within Australia, yet change it to Ksubi (but still pronounced the same) for international markets.

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