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Sun Surf Regular Fit Navy Rayon SS37653 Special Edition Mens Hawaiian Shirt with One Hundred Ghost Tales Print SURF7543


PRICE: £379.99


This Limited Edition navy Hawaiian Shirt for men by Sun Surf is inspired by the popular Japanese culture of telling ghost stories. In olden times Japanese friends would gather and light hundred candles in a room and narrate frightening tales some from folklore and some from their own experience. With the end of each story, one candle will be blown out, plunging the gathering into darkness with each consecutive story until the hundredth story. It was believed a deadly spirit would appear before them once the hundredth candle is blown away. The popular Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai had created woodblock prints for five of the popular ghost stories; The Mansion of the Plates (Sara-yashiki), The Laughing Hannya (Warai-hannya), Oiwa (Oiwa-san), Kohada Koheiji, and Obsession (Shûnen), and the prints of these beguiling and scary ghosts can be seen on this beautiful rayon shirt. The short sleeved, regular fit shirt comes with a cuban collar, wooden buttons, and single chest pocket. This made in Japan product comes in a beautiful Sun Surf presentation box. DRY CLEAN ONLY. SKU-SURF7543


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Manufacturer code SS37576
Colour NAVY
Colour code 128
Composition 100% Rayon
Navy, Regular Fit

Short Sleeve

Cuban Collar

Single Chest Pocket

Wooden Button

Limited Edition

Comes in Sun Surf Presentation Box

Made in Japan

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