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Sun Surf Mens Regular Fit Short Sleeved Noh-Men Printed SS37790 Rayon Off-White Hawaiian Shirt SURF8593


PRICE: £189.99


Sun Surf brings you this very distinctive off-white Hawaiian shirt with Noh-Men print. As is well-known, Sun Surf takes inspiration from the traditional Japanese arts for its designs, and this particular shirt sports the Noh performing art of Japan, and the mask they use for the Noh play is called Noh-Men. There are over 200 different kinds of masks used in these plays. There are two different masks printed on this shirt, and they are the Onna-men mask which is one of the most popular masks featuring noble women of different ages. The other is the Hannya mask which represents a demonic face with sharp horns and leering mouth. This mask depicts a jealous woman who has attained the demonic form because of her envious nature. The beautiful red prints of masks on a background of Japanese writing in black over a canvas of off-white shirt looks stunning. The shirt is created from 100% rayon fabric and sports a classic Cuban collar, single chest pocket, and wooden buttons. This shirt is made in Japan. SKU-SURF8593


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Manufacturer code SS37790
Colour code 105
Composition 100% Rayon
Off-White, Regular Fit

Short Sleeved

Cuban Collar

Single Chest Pocket

Wooden Buttons

Noh-Men Print

Made in Japan

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