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Ijin jeans J5208 23L12 Coyne wash denim jean IJIN5280


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Ijin Material mens 14oz Japan weave, classic regular fit, selvedge denim jeans. J5208-23L12 Coyne wash, 5 pocket red line selvedge denim jeans. Hand brushed to a smooth surface with strategic oil spots. Authentic indigo colour reduction with realistic soiled faded areas. Laundry creased effect, frayed edges. Cut out coin pocket used as glue-on knee patch. Button fly, hidden waistband button. Stitched signature logo on back pockets. White vitello label with stitched logo on waistband. 100% hand crafted in Italy. SKU-IJIN5280


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Manufacturer code Coyne J5208 23L12
The individualism of Ijin Material is focussed on the trademark “half-man” logo, which symbolizes the symmetrical folding techniques inherent to the way Ijin Irregular Indigo products are actually cut. The definition of ijin well describes this independent artisinal denim label philosophy pioneered by Londoner Philip Goss, since 2003

In 2000 Philip became Creative Director of a little known cult Japanese denim label called Evisu. The mission: to establish Evisu as an internationally known, premium denim brand & household name. Philip designed all Evisu products up until 2003, when in 2005 he became personal designer to Evisu founder, Yamane-san in Osaka, baptizing him “henna ijin” or “crazy foreigner”.

Hand-cut leather detailing is common & both personalized solid-nail copper rivets & thread stitched rivets used, The traditional Union chain-stitched hem itself is sewn on a machine more than 60 years old.

The highly specialist fold-edge method cuts the garment open-legged in one piece, centred on the stronger warp thread of the cloth, similar to the concept of cutting out a paper chain man. Cut in this manner, the legs reach a near 45 degrees bias point around the knee. These legs will naturally mould to your shape, creating an inherent softness even to unwashed Japanese weave denim. Thus, worn from dry, Ijin fold-edge cut legs will also render your own personal body map into the denim in a totally unique way. This process is defined as seasoning. The fold-edge cut is unique to Ijin Material

The wrap-leg method involves cutting cloth with a dead straight, but folded outer leg. Each leg is composed of one single piece of cloth & has a completely clean-finish inseam, as well as the trademark inexistent out seam. Instead, a hip dart continues on to become the yoke, as it shapes across the back of the garment. These items are composed of only 10 key pattern pieces, including the 3 pockets & characterized by the fact that when turned inside-out, one cannot find any unfinished seams. For this reason these items are nicknamed tubes

Made in ITALY

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