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RMC Slimmer Cut 1001 Model Dark Indigo 888 Raw Denim Jeans with Rock N Roll and Tsunami wave Embroidery REDM5036


PRICE: £159.99


Taking inspiration from Japanese culture, the rock n roll jeans are styled with white R&R print, and signature tsunami wave embroidery in lake colour on the back pockets. Crafted from the finest quality of dark indigo denim, these ultra-stylish jeans are perfect to be worn with printed t shirts. The embroidered ticket pocket and belt loops of the jeans add a colourful finishing touch to the grand presence of the jeans. Make the best of it by sporting it for a casual gathering or a concert. SKU-REDM5036


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Manufacturer code 888
Colour LAKE
Colour code LAKE RNR 888
Composition 100% Cotton
RMC Martin Ksohoh denim with the use of natural Colour Cotton has been created with future generations in mind and only allow pure natural ecologically and environmentally friendly fabrics. Crops must be grown using only natural fertilisers and during garment production no harmful chemicals or chlorine are used. We believe that the next decade will define what is acceptable to wear next to your skin as well as what consumers are prepared to endorse from an ethical and environmental viewpoint.

Natural Colour Cotton is the most environmentally green fabric available. It is soft, delicate, none pilling and anti-static which results in less itching. Therefore, due to the absence of dyes and harmful toxics and chemicals, it is non-irritant to sensitive and young skin. In addition, the stronger, handpicked, more hollow cotton fibre traps warm air close to the skin, giving natural colour cotton thermal properties far superior to regular cotton.

They are also hardy and naturally resistant to pests eliminating the need for environmentally damaging pesticides and insecticides. The whole process from planting to growing to spinning to ready made garments uses no dyes, toxics or harmful materials. It is 100% pure, beautiful and primitively simple.

The refined elegant fabric has been referred to as second skin by experts. It contains rich vegetable proteins known to have beneficial properties for the skin. As opposed to chemical agents which can irritate the skin, itís super smooth, soft and comfortable. The fabric is free to breathe, which in itself allows the skin to breathe.

It is the use of Natural Colour Cotton that makes RMC Martin Ksohoh jeans the most unique and sought after denim in the World today

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