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D&G t-shirt Dolce & Gabbana washed grey vest DGM3041


PRICE: US$135.00


D&G Dolce & Gabbana vest DGM3041 D&G mens washed grey deep crew neck regular fit vest Large printed logo across front Turned back waist with double stitched hem 100% cotton. Made in Italy. SKU-DGM3041


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Dolce & Gabbana is a fashion house known for its love of cool. D&G shirts have a way of transforming the male body into a well-chiselled sculpture, the clean lines and charcoal palettes perfectly setting off the rugged look and the clean-cut professional. In a way, the designs of D&G shirts are the best examples of D&G style. They follow clean lines, featuring classic patterns such as dots and pinstripes, with their colour options being similarly simple. It\'s what the world has come to expect from D&G tops.

This simple elegance is evident even in D&G trainers. Coming from such a humble culture, D&G trainers could be forgiven for being less than the epitome of style. Yet somehow the designers have taken traditional trainer design to the next fashion level. Far from being sloppy, D&G trainers have smooth lines and a touch of shine that fit in on both the playing field and the red carpet

For years now, Hollywood has adopted Dolce & Gabbana clothing as the designer of choice. Whether it\'s seeing David Beckham in classic D&G shirts, or Sophia Loren and Madonna relaxing in simple D&G tops, D&G clothing is a familiar sight on the celebrity snapshot pages. Looking at the combination of cool style and wearability, it\'s easy to see why their clothing is so popular with the rich and glamourous

D&G is a more casual line that follows an urban inspiration and sets trends rather than follows them. They feature a cutting edge clothing collection and styling for all occasions. The Dolce and Gabbana Clothes Collection includes: D&G Jeans D&G Denim Jackets D&G Shirts D&G Jumpers D&G Casual Jackets D&G T-Shirts D&G Trousers D&G Coats,D&G sweatshirts. The full Dolce and Gabbana mens designer clothing collection can be equaly complimented with a full D&G Accessories Range, Belts, watches, wallets, aftershave, Socks, keyrings, sunglasses, hats and many more items from Dolce & Gabbana.

Never afraid of courting controversy the collection is invariably near the mark and sexy, the silhouette body hugging. Clothes to party in!

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