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About the Togged Street Team

Get FREE CLOTHES or EARN CASH by joining the TOGGED STREET TEAM. Hook your friends, acquaintances and complete strangers up with 15% DISCOUNT off all gear, except sale items, and we'll pay you CASH or give you points towards FREE CLOTHES, SHOES & ACCESSORIES! It's simple, use the Togged banners and flyers to spread the word and start earning today!

This is how it's done:

Once you become part of the TOGGED STREET TEAM you create your own unique code i.e. JohnSmith2 or whatever you want. Give that code to everyone you can; they enter it at check out the first time they shop on and get 15% off their purchase and you will also earn points towards CASH or FREE GEAR. You also get a unique link that you can use for your site or blog that will track your sales and increase your EARNING POWER. It's easy money!

Ways to Earn Points:

Go to the Gallery's Banner section, grab a banner and whack it up on your site, your blog, a friend's blog, or any cool site that you know will be interested. Make sure the unique URL (address) you were issued when you signed up is behind the banner, and every sale that comes from people clicking through your link puts CASH in your pocket or Clothes on your back!

Easy Earnings with Togged:

Go to the Gallery's Sticker and Flyer section and download a sticker or flyer design (there are detailed instructions). Hit the streets, parties, bars, clubs and pubs and give out your flyers and/or stickers with your Rep code. Tell people to check out for some exclusive gear and if they enter your TOGGED STREET TEAM code at check out they get 15% off their first order and you EARN! CLICK HERE to go to the flyers section in the gallery

Do you have design flare? Can you design flyers?

Yeah? Then show us all your design skills. Knock up flyers and banners for the TOGGED STREET TEAM family (using the guidelines set out in the posted template). Submit them to the appropriate Gallery section, and if they are accepted you get more points! click here to upload Creatives (flyers, banners, stickers)

Some Pointers on POINTS!:

How do I earn points?

By promoting with your TOGGED STREET TEAM code and having customers enter your code at checkout. Posting your code in profiles and on blogs, distributing flyers, and sending out tweets, IMs and emails with your code will all help you get points.

How do points work?

It's simple! You earn 50 points for every £10 people spend using your TOGGED STREET TEAM code. You can use your points towards cash or gear off the site. The point value changes according to how you choose to use it.

Here's an example: Jack spent £100 on a sharp new shirt from using your code, awesome!

You earn: 500 points= £5 cash or £7.50 off gear!

How do I view my points?

Log into your account and scroll down to where it says "View Your Points History" in order to see all of your accumulated points. By clicking on "Redeem Your Points" you can convert them to use as cash or for gear off

How long does it take for points to be show up as Pending in my account?

You will generally see your points as pending within 1-2 days of an order being placed.

What are Pending points? Why are they Pending?

Pending points are "Pending" because they are freshly generated from an order with your TOGGED STREET TEAM code. An automatic system makes sure the order is successful and then the points will become "Approved" and available for your redemption. ( AFTER 30 DAYS)

How long do they remain Pending for? What determines if points are Approved or Canceled?

loyalty points can remain pending for up to 30 business days. We ensure that all sales are 100% successful and all aspects of the order are OK (from payment processing, to shipment, to no returns, etc.). In the event an order placed with your TOGGED STREET TEAM code is canceled - those pending points form that sale will be canceled as well.

Why were my points canceled?

If it was from a sale - this is because the order was unsuccessful. The customer could have canceled, or the item could have been out-of-stock, etc.

I just used my own TOGGED STREET TEAM code on a purchase - how come I don't have any points?

You don't earn points for your own purchases.

How to Redeem Points:

How does it work?

It's simple! 100 Points = £1 CASH or £1.50 towards gear

How do I use my Points?

Just sign into your account and click on "Redeem My Points." There you can choose how you would like to use your accumulated points.

How do I use points for Gear off

Once you've redeemed points for gear off, you will be issued a gift certificate code which you will enter during the checkout process.

How do I issue myself cash?

You can redeem your cash once you have reached £25. Please note, your redemption of points for cash will be treated as taxable income by HM Revenue & Customs. It is your responsibility to inform HM Revenue & Customs of all taxable income. UK resident please visit: Non UK residents should check with their local tax authorities.

When will I receive my payment?

Payments are made the first and third Monday of every month.

How come I haven't received my payment yet?

Have you filled in your cash request form? Download the form here and fill it out then save it and email it back to our accounting department.

How to Submit Stuff:

Why can't I submit or upload any creative content?

In order to submit or upload any creative content you must be an Active member of the TOGGED STREET TEAM.

What is an Active member of the TOGGED STREET TEAM?

An Active street team Rep is any rep that has successfully made £50.00 in sales during any 90 day period. Reps may not submit or upload any creative content onto any website unless he/she has made a minimum of £50.00 in sales during any 90 day period.

What MUST be included in creative content?

Banners: must include YOUR TOGGED STREET TEAM code and

Flyers: must include YOUR TOGGED STREET TEAM code and

Stickers: must include YOUR TOGGED STREET TEAM code and

How long does it take for submissions to be approved?

It normally takes a couple of business days.

General Information:

What do new customers get after I direct them to your site?

They will receive 15% off of their first purchase at

Can I download flyers, stickers and other stuff to create my own promo material?

Yeah, check out the Toolkit here.

How do I use a TOGGED STREET TEAM link on my site and other sites?

Just post it on your profile for online communities. You can send your link to friends via IM, put it up on forums, or email blast all your peoples. Posting your link on Facebook and MySpace, or sending a tweet on Twitter are both great ways to have you rolling in the dough in no time.

My TOGGED STREET TEAM code doesn't seem to be working. Why is this?

If your TOGGED STREET TEAM code is not generating the discounted amount, please check with your customers and make sure they a) are using the right code b) are not using the code in conjunction with other promotional codes and c) are entering it in the correct place. They should enter your TOGGED STREET TEAM code in the space that says "Discount Code".

What are some great ways to be a Top Dog?

Don't be afraid to SHOUT! Give it some on the street by handing out flyers to any Tom, Dick or Harriet. Put up your banners and TOGGED STREET TEAM code all across the Internet. Be Brave and Be Loud!

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