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Blue Blood jean regular fit deep cut denim jean BLBL6878


PRICE: £249.99


Blue Blood regular fit denim jeans Blue Blood mens deep cut vintage finish denim jeans Blue Blood mens regular fit vintage finish denim jeans Deep cut broken twill with fading Bleached patches with oven baked creases Distressed edges and hems hand staining Frayed ripped spots and scratches Gold coloured signature logo buttons button fly Vintage leather patch on waistband SKU-BLBL6878


Manufacturer code deep cut
Blue Blood, a new denim and fashion house founded in 2003. The name was chosen to illustrate our love of denim: “they have indigo coursing through our veins”. It is also a synonym for royalty and aristocracy, emphasizing of our love for quality, tradition and craftsmanship. We wanted to take the “fast” out of fashion: go back to making remarkable products with style and personality.

The Blue Blood motto is ‘For Our Friends’. This is how we actually started out: making jeans ‘to measure’ for our own friends. As we developed the brand further, ‘For Our Friends’ came to represent both a quality level (nothing but the best for our friends…) and an attitude: the values and lifestyle we represent.

Blue Blood labels and products bare the image of a Lobster. The Lobster was chosen as our brand’s mascot because they have blue blood too. Besides this, lobsters are fascinating, beautiful creatures that can grow just as old as human beings.

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